Timothy Pattenden BSc.; MSc.

Since 2006 Tim has been supporting individuals and teams to reach their potential. Tim has designed, delivered and managed behaviour change and performance improvement programmes for over 15 years. Tim has spent the last 10 years managing mutli-million-pound contracts aimed at empowering people to achieve their goals and desired life-changes.

Tim is a performance psychologist specialising in supporting sport and exercise professionals to achieve their elite levels and visions of success. Tim's invaluable experience in togetherness, emotional intelligence, mental toughness and psychological skill training will empower you to achieve your elite.

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Our Mission:

"To ensure elite sports and performance psychology support is accessible to all"

Our Values:


Build up high-performance, mental health and wellbeing

Life-long learning

Inspire a commitment to the pathway of learn, change and grow


Always maintain a whole person-centred approach


Work collaboratively to achieve shared visions of success


Develop psychologically informed and self-sufficient individuals and environments

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